Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Water Damaged Phone? Solved

Will they ever make waterproof personal electronics devices? Yes! If the company P2i has anything to say about it. P2i recently revealed their desire to become a global leader in water repellent technology to the public with a new technology they have created called Aridion.

What Aridion does is it coats every part of your electronic device with a liquid repellent nano-coating. This coating does not affect the operations of the electronic device it's applied to because it's applied at a nanoscopic level. The coating physically bonds at a molecular level to the material it's meant to protect so there is no risk of it wearing of and allowing water to penetrate.

The company P2i was originally created by the UK's government to create fabrics that are safer for soldiers during chemical attacks. They hold over 60 patents on nano materials that are anti microbial, and liquid repellent. They also created a product called Ion-Mask which is similar to Aridion but with a focus on clothing. Check back for an article on Ion-Mask, and its possible effects on the clothing industry early next week.

I think its clear that companies are out their innovating for ways to help consumers keep their devices dry. There are so many cases like Otterbox or Aquabox that claim to be water resistant. Unfortunately "water resistant" is not water proof, and cases usually add undesired bulk to your device. Another unfortunate issue is the manufactures of the electronic devices do not benefit from these waterproofing technologies. The tougher the device, the less it breaks, the less it breaks, less often you buy a new one. This is also true with liquid damage.

A little birdy told us that Motorola is talking to P2i to potentially use their products but i wouldn't hold my breath. So you may find yourself in the future sloppily applying Aridion nanotechnology to your iPhone or Galaxy Tab. Remember this doesn't save your phone if its dropped into the ocean, or some other unrecoverable watery place. You can prevent this from happening by either not going anywhere or krazy gluing your phone to somewhere on your body.


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