Monday, February 27, 2012

The Nokia Pureview 808, and its 41 Megapixel camera

The Nokia 808 creates incredibly clear 41 megapixel(MP) images by  incorporating a new technology called Pureview. Pureview in the Nokia 808 is able to take a full 41 megapixel image, and  processes it down to an amazingly clear 8MP image.
No one knows for sure what demographic Nokia is trying to market this to. But who cares its an awesome innovation. It looks to me like the days of taking blurry crappy pictures with your phone may soon be coming to an end thanks to Pureview technology.

The standard cell phone's camera has 1.3 to 2MP. Even high end smart phones like the iphone 4S or the upcoming HTC One X only have around 5-8MP. We expect a fairly high price tag, and we have not heard any news of a US release.



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