Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Mercedes Benz Zetros 6x6 - The Ultimate Zombie Fighting Vehicle

Mercedes Benz Zetros 6X6 is an all terrain vehicle capable of driving through the toughest conditions on earth and the toughest situations as well. It has a lift on the back for roof storage of your supplies, and things you plunder during the apocalypse. There is a garage built into the side for your favorite recreational vehicles.
Its rugged, and capable exterior is matched with an interior fit for the all cool shit lifestyle, with heated marble floor bathroom, 2 flat screen TV's(40 inch, and 46 inch) with Bose audio. The living space inside is powered by a diesel generator and two 80 watt solar panels on the roof. 

The permanent 6 wheel driving force behind this beast is a 7.2 liter diesel engine that provides 959 pounds of torque, and about 326 horsepower.When straying far from this vehicle DO NOT forget your Gerber Apocalypse knife set.



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