Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giant Robot Elephant Rides in France. Who's coming with me?

This monstrous robot elephant is known simply as "Great Elephant" and is made of mostly recycled steel, and wood. It's incredibly life like movements are controlled by 22 people operating different motors, and hydraulics that are housed inside its steel frame. It was created by a company called La Machine to be featured in street performances in Nantes, France.

The Great Elephant is about 39 ft tall, and weighs approximately 45 tons. Now that's pretty big even as far as any robots go. Some of its features include a trunk that it can spray water from, and making loud elephant noises. It can even flap it's ears like a real elephant does when its in heat. When it performs it can carry up to 49 people on its back. 

According to Wikipedia the largest recorded real elephant weighed 24000 pounds, and was 13 feet tall at the shoulders. He would have been dwarfed by this robot. This beast take "largest land mammal" to a different level.



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