Friday, February 3, 2012

Fruit of the future, The Pluerry

Plum eaters everywhere are just sick, and tired of having juices run down their faces. Cherry eaters are saying to themselves "Man, I wish there was more of that cherry... It was too small!" Forget all that plum, and cherry eaters, just get a Pluerry. What is a Pluerry you may ask?  It's a combination of a plum and cherry. A hybrid fruit made possible by Zaiger's Inc. Genetics in Modesto, California and the science of fruit breeding.
They created this unique fruit in a similar way that we breed dogs to have desirable qualities like disposition, size, color, etc. For many years in human history farmers and scientists have imposed evolution on produce with a goal of providing the best flavor, and a more aesthetically pleasing experience for the consumer. The Pluerry is just another step toward the perfect fruit.



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