Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flyknit, Nike's New Lightweight Running Shoe

The Nike Flyknit HTM collection are a minimalist runners dream come true. Nike makes a statement with the simple but cool look of these that says, get running, enough of the bullshit.
The Flyknits are designed to feel like there is nothing on your feet, which is why Nike made them ultra light, weighing under 6 oz. This means that they are lighter then the Nike Zoom Streak 3. Why does that matter? Oh, only because the Zoom Streak 3 was worn by the first, second, and third place finishers of the 2011 Men's Marathon World Championships. Is Nike raising the bar for marathoners?
Nike Flyknit HTM CollectionWhy and How? Nike took insights from athletes, and experts in fabric design to create the upper which is simply a knit yarn and fabric that is woven into the front, and sole. The shoe came about as a collaboration between Nike's CEO Mark Parker, and Hiroshi Fujiwara(The Godfather of Harajuku culture) The two styles soon to be released are the Racer 5.6 oz, and the Trainer which will be 7 oz.

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