Wednesday, February 29, 2012

African Bullfrog, The Honeybadger of the Amphibian World.

It's undeniable, frogs are very cool, but we were curious. What is the coolest species of frog? Well we found it, the African Bullfrog or
(Pyxicephalus adspersus). Native to sub Saharan Africa, they bear little resemblance to the American Bullfrog, though they both share a similar bellowing mating call, hence their similar names.

Why are they the coolest frog? First off, African Bullfrogs are very big boys. The largest adult males can measure up to 9" 23cm, snout to rump, and weigh up to 5 pounds 2.3 kg. When African Bullfrogs are well fed they are almost as wide as they are long, giving them a morbidly obese appearance. While their look would be heinous for a human, these frogs are absolutely adorable. (possibly the cutest frog)

This brings me to the second reason these guys are so cool, they have an aggressive, voracious, appetite, African Bullfrogs love to eat, and they’ll eat almost anything they can fit in their wide gaping mouth, including each other. 

Third cool factor is African Bullfrogs can live a very long time, for a frog that is, typically up to 20 years, however there's been reports of some living up to 40! Because of their wonderful appearance, aggressive nature, hardy appetite, and relatively ease of care, African Bullfrogs are a very popular pet. 

Many a YouTube video has been made of a proud African Bullfrog owner feeding his little frog buddy an unsuspecting large mouse or small rat. It's quite a site. Typically the unsuspecting rodent is lowered into a terrarium. Within seconds, it’s brutally attacked and engulfed by the chubby beast. Reminiscent of Luke Skwalker's encounter with the Rancor monster, difference being mice aren't intelligent enough to actuate a button with a rock that releases a heavy steel gate that crushes the frog and saves their life. Thankfully for African Bullfrogs most terrariums do not even contain such mechanisms.
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