Thursday, January 26, 2012

SOPA/PIPA Another Crappy Sequel

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"The threat is the inversion of the burden of  proof. Where we suddenly are all treated like thieves at every moment we are given the freedom to create, produce and share."

This talk by Clay Shirky explains exactly what the PIPA/SOPA bill means to individual's freedom to share. He also makes us aware that this type of legislation is nothing new. This is a battle we must continue to fight. We must do so in order to stop out of touch people from breaking the internet because of their own greed and lack of creativity.  
Cool Stuff

Since this talk the bill was tabled, due to everyone bringing public what a disgrace it was. Clay reminds us not to fall asleep at the wheel, and to continue to contact our representatives. "SOPA is actually a reversion of COICA" a bill proposed last year. This can only mean one thing... Hollywood lobbyists, and the MPAA will be back next year doing what they do best... Making another crappy sequel no one wants. 

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