Friday, January 13, 2012

Samsung Smart Window

The Samsung Smart Window is getting a massive amount of attention online from every tech blog and website after being shown at CES 2012. Its basically a giant touch screen tablet computer you can use as a window. It's a very cool idea and concept with a feature that acts as blinds allowing you to control the light in and out. The Smart window is also a one way mirror so creepers cant see in which is always good.

The whole standing while operating it might suck but could be awesome for party's. I think i would just keep the blinds feature closed and lay in bed with my normal sized iPad or notebook computer. Oh wait, that's what i do now anyway except i cant play Angry Birds on my windows. On a serious note there are sure to be many uses for this device and its set to be released for sale soon. So it wont be long for us to see the interesting ways they are utilized.


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