Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quit Smoking Cigarettes The Fashionable way

Never follow the crowd unless your in Brooklyn, NY, and the crowd is lining up to  buy Bedford Slims Vapourettes. Vapourettes are a portable vaporizer that mimics the cigarette smoking experience. The device needs to be charged and a cartridge is added for different flavors.

One Bedford Slims' Vapourette costs about $11 which is a bargain compared to the other E-Cigarettes on the market that can be up to $100. The device is available at their website, on and in over 30 locations in New York City. Their design has a mustache silhouette over a cool argyle pattern, which in our opinion makes these the most fashionable way to quit smoking. 

"Where can I smoke a Vapourette?
Anywhere! You do what you want."
Bedeford Slims

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  1. Great healthy point you have taken on quit smoking in the fashionable way. Thank you.