Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Parker Ingenuity Pen a Unique Writing Experience

Parker has just made a huge splash, and a new niche in the pen world with The Parker Ingenuity 5th, and it should make waves because there is nothing like this pen on the market today. It's a completely original design all the way from its appearance to its distribution of ink to paper with it's "Smart Glide" tip that adjusts to your writing style. 

PointThe Parker Ingenuity  has something called 5th technology. The reason it's called 5th is they have taken all four of the current consumer favorite writing modes, the classic beauty of a fountain pen, smooth precision of a rollerball, longevity of a ballpoint, the fluid experience of a porous point, and combined  them with a cutting edge refill tip, and an engraved hood for a truly unique writing experience.
There are 2 models of the Ingenuity Pen the Classic, and the Daring. The classic is currently priced around $160 and the Daring about $190 both are available through Amazon.com. Refills cost around $8.


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  1. Hello,

    I bought 1 Ingenuity from www.stilografica.it
    Il like the pen but not the refill!