Friday, January 20, 2012

The Guitar of the Future Misa Digital's Vitara

Misa Digital has done something pretty awesome here with the Vitara Digital Guitar. You can now produce digital sounds in a whole new way. A way that is different from the widely used digital piano keyboard,which is the dominant instrument for digital sound.   

The Vitara is capable of tons of effects like distortion, delay,etc. The different sounds and effects are programmed into the device and are controlled through the multi touch screen. Instead of strings there are six buttons on each of its 24 frets. The buttons represent guitar strings and each "string" can be programmed for a different sound... Awesome! check out the Specs and video below

8-inch multi-touch display
MIDI out
Audio out (1.25”)
Headphone out (3.5mm)
Onboard multi-voice audio synthesizer with assignable effects blocks
6 pre-loaded effects
24 frets; 144 notes
Linux operating system


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