Friday, January 6, 2012

Gold - Karats and percentages of the pure metal

Gold in it's pure state is 99.99% pure gold or 24 Karats.  When gold is made into jewelry the artist or jewelry maker will select the karat of gold that he will use based on the accepted standards, the clientele, and the durability that he would like to achieve. Gold can be 22KT (normally found in Asia), 18KT (the accepted gold in Europe), 14, or 10 Karats (KT). The higher the Karats the more gold and the softer the material is.

24 KT  24/24 = 100% gold

22 KT  22/24 =  91.67% gold

18 KT  18/24 =  75.0% gold

14 KT  14/24 =  58.3% gold

10 KT  10/24 =  41.6% gold

This awesome gold guide was submitted by Lou from New Jersey. He is a fan of the site who has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years and definitely lives the All cool shit lifestyle. Please leave comments below if you would like to add any of your own gold knowledge.

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