Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Cool Utility Bowie Knives

The utility bowie knife is an essential survival tool that can get you out of many bad situations you may find yourself in. One of our editors designs custom bowie knives and has over 10 years of experience in creating and collecting them. So we combined his thoughts, together with reviews from around the internet to provide our viewers with this list. These are the top 5 best value production bowie knives chosen by our editors.   

Kabar Heavy bowie
Overall Length: 14 1/4"
Max Thickness: .236"
Weight: 1.30 lbs.
Handle: Kraton G
Steel: 1095 Carbon

Ontario Marine Raider bowie
Overall Length: 15.12"
Max Thickness: .25" 
Weight: 2 pounds
Handle: Kraton
Steel: Epoxy powder coated 1095 carbon steel 
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Coldsteel Trailmaster

Overall Length: 14 1/2"
Max Thickness: 5/16"
Weight: 17.5 oz.
Handle: Kraton
Steel: SK-5 High Carbon
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Becker Bk9
Overall Length:14-3/4 inches overall
Max Thickness: .210"
Weight: 16.5 oz
Handle: Grivory
Steel:1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel

Esee Junglas

Overall Length: 16.5"
Max Thickness: 3/16"
Weight: 22.5 oz
Handle: Canvas Micarta
Steel: 1095


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