Monday, December 26, 2011

Roots Steakhouse

Photo from the article "why I LOVE Roots steakhouse in Summit" 
Roots Steakhouse is located in Summit, NJ with another location in Morristown, NJ. It is part of a collaboration called Harvest Restaurants. They have created something very special with Roots. The atmosphere, staff, and food are in the upper echelon of class. They even have a wonderful, varied, and easy to read menu

They start you off with fresh baked bread called a "pop over" which I'm pretty sure they use magic to create because they are unimaginably good. The appetizers are like brilliant displays of delicious art. To us portions are important... How often have you gone to a higher end restaurant and the appetizer consisted of 2 small lumps of crab or 3 micro scallops? You will not get that here. Every other restaurant in Roots' category could learn a lesson from how they portion food. It's the absolute perfect amount. Their steaks are of the highest quality prepared in delicious ways.

This place really exemplifies the allcoolshit lifestyle that our site promotes

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