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 “MEGU continuously strives to leave a memorable impression by welcoming, serving and thanking each guest with the utmost genuine and personalized hospitality.”
Megu  is a beautifully designed Japanese restaurant with locations in major cities all over the world. New York, Moscow, Mumbai, and New Delhi are a few. Megu means "blessing" in Japanese. Along with serving Kobe beef they use the finest, freshest, and rarest ingredients in all of their dishes. They also have some cool innovative ways of cooking and preparing the meals they create. One example of this is the the use of  bincho-tan when grilling. Bincho-tan is a charcoal found in Kyoto with "superior purifying properties".


Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is a cut of meat from the black Tajima-ushi breed of cattle. They come from a small region in Japan where the kobe beef cattle are massaged(with sake) every day and fed a unique diet(including beer) this produces a heavily marbleized meat. The lean to fat meat ratio is perfect, making it tender and delicious to eat. Below is a short video of the process.

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