Monday, November 14, 2011

The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger

Ask someone what the most aggressive, the most rugged, or the most fearsome animal is. They will probably say a grizzly bear, a great white shark, a lion, or some other large beast well known for killing. King cobra maybe. They say these animals because they have never heard of the Honey badger. Honey badgers eat King cobras for breakfast. They will face certain death in order to achieve their next meal. Still don't believe that the honey badger is the fiercest? Watch the video below

Some Awesome Honey Badger facts from wikipedia:
  • They live in India and central and southern Africa.
  • They are loners
  • They live up to 24 years
  • They use tools
  • Their skin is tough enough to resist several machete blows
  • The honey badger "doesn't give a shit"-Randall.

Once a honey badger attacked a lion. It died soon after, the lion that is.

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