Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Epic Mealtime

Epic Mealtime  has blasted off on YouTube this year. It was created by HarleyMorenstein ("Sauuuce boss") and Sterling Toth with colorful characters like Alex Perrault ("Muscles Glasses"). 

Epic Mealtime takes food and thinks of  the most extreme ways to enhance it, in big and delicious ways. All done through 3 to 6 minute You tube videos. Most involve putting a ton of bacon, Jack Daniels or Four Loko on it, in it, and around it. They do it all in a hilarious way while drinking. Their videos are really well made, showcasing the exact calories, sugar amounts and ingredients clearly. At the end of each video they consume it.
Muscles Glasses stares at Bacon cup filled with Four Loko (Video below)

They have even had guest appearances from pro skateboarder Tony Hawk(Episode "Fast food pizza cake"), Canadian house music star Deadmau5(Episode "Cheesy grilled cheese tower"), and YouTube heavy weight FPS Russia(below)

Other cast includes: David Heuff, Tyler Lemco, Josh Elkin, and Ameer Atari.

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Get the Muscles Glasses look

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