Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sharpen a knife with a cup

Sharpen a Knife with a cup

Can you sharpen a knife with a cup?

 Now rush to your knife drawer and get those knives back in fighting shape. This video is a great example of  a simple idea, with a useful purpose that not many people know about. And that's pretty cool.

Other ways to sharpen your knives

There are quite a few ways to sharpen a knife most common are sharpening stones, hand held easy sharpeners, and some more professional style sharpeners. Most are relatively low cost. Yes, you can sharpen your knives with a cup as we saw in the video above however its an inconsistent method. Leaving not too much margin for error. Some of the better sharpening systems on the market involve choosing a grit  and are on a flat surfaces.The higher the grit the less metal is removed from the blade. Another important part of sharpening is returning the knife back to the same position and angle when resharpening. You want the edge of your knife to be evenly sharp along the entire blade and some cups have dings or dent on their bottoms. Whichever method you choose or prefer they all share a common goal and similar methodology. 
Easy sharpener

The Edge Pro system is really in a class of its own and allows you to fully customizable. it comes with multiple stones of many different grits, it returns the knife back to the original sharpening position every time you sharpen to minimize loss of metal on the blade.

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