Thursday, March 17, 2011

The fourth dimension

 This video is an except from the show "Cosmos". It's something we have always thought to be cool, the idea of a fourth dimension, and possibly more. Carl Sagan, in the video above does an excellent job explaining this concept.
  Our universe as we know it is 3 dimensional. Imagine the things we are closed off from or not capable of seeing that may actually exist. If there was a 2 dimensional being it would only be able to create things that are 1 dimensional. Drawings, photographs, and art that we 3 dimensional beings create are all 2 dimensional. So maybe we, along with our universe are artistic creations of some 4 dimensional being.

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"
Carl Sagan produced and starred in a series during the 80's called "Cosmos". This series may be one of the greatest contributions ever for purposes of educating people about human history, the history of our universe, and many other amazing ideas. It's a beautifully executed series in every way. Below is a link to check it out on Amazon.

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