Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anything still cool about poker?

Anything still cool about poker?
By Giuseppe

Poker may have lost its cool mystique with every one from your little sister to your coffee barista playing. Chances are even your favorite gas station attendant has cashed in a major tournament. With every Tom, Dick and Harry from the East village to San Fran(actually world wide now) hitting the felt you may ask yourself,  "is there anything still cool about poker? " The answer is yes, but you must now look beyond the game itself, beyond who is playing and open your eyes to the details. The tangible pieces that make up the game. Today we look at two of those such details in the most expensive poker chip set in the world and Stine game tables. Although this is a small glimpse at the set and tables try to imagine the craftsmanshift and rareity in these items.

  The first pic is of the newly released $7.5 million dollar poker set by Geoffrey Parker, maker of many very cool custom gaming products. It comes with 384 18kt white gold chips inlaid with sting ray skin. The edges of the chips are inlaid with whatever precious stones correspond with the color of the chip(diamond for white, ruby for red, etc.). The case is alligator skin with 18kt gold combonation locks and hinges.

The next pics are of poker tables by Stine makes tables with the highest regaurd for quality that we have ever seen in a gaming table. You can fully customize your table from the felt to the shape and size.

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