Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Giant Pumpkin Planting Season Is Here!!!!!!

Giant Pumpkins
Damn boy he thick! That's a thick ass boy!

Most people will agree that April and May are the best months of the year because during these
months giant pumpkins are planted.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Predator Hunting Grounds for PS4

.Have we played this yet? No. Is the game dope to play? No clue.

Is Cross-Playing Works in Predator: Hunting Grounds? With the ...
"You're One Ugly Motherf***er"
I never thought that this famous line from the movie Predator would coincide with my dating life as I grew up
What i do know is this game is based on arguably one of the best action films of our time and it

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Menendez Brothers Basketball Card

Maybe not soo much cool? Likely more ominous and disturbing. Either way we thought you'd get a kick out of this really creepy coincidence. 

Picture 1 of 2Picture 2 of 2

Most kids dream of being on a sports card at some point in their lives. And I would assume most kids do not murder their parents in order to make that dream a reality.

Don't tell that to the infamous Menendez brothers. Who's faces showed up in the front row of the very same Knicks game that Mark Jackson's 1990 Hoops Basketball Card photo was taken.

Although the card is unique in its own way it can be purchased for around $20. A must have for you creeps out there that are into serial killer memorabilia. Click Here to Get um while they're hot!



Thursday, May 7, 2020

Bitcoin the Halvening is Here

Fire up your Coinbase account, Get that Metal Wallet out, Got the Cash App? You're all set. Its time for the bitcoin boys to take off to the next level. Time to trade the lambos in for Buggati's boys!

The Halvening is here!

Don't know what the halving is? Why don't you go back on your Robinhood app and lose your kids college fund "day trading" leave this for the big boys. Big Dawgs gotta eat!

If you aren't some normie NPC type that has an ounce of testosterone flowing in your veins then please read on.

The TLDR of what is happening in the next few day is as follows. BTC(Bitcoin from now on in this article) approximately every four years the amount of BTC entering circulation is cut in half. In other words mining BTC will take twice as long.

Get on the ride boys!