Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grudge match of the new millenia?

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In this corner weighing around 250 pounds.... Alexxxxxx Jonessssss.... and in this corner with a combined weight of lets say 450 pounds... Pierssssssss Morgannnnnnnn.. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz Bissingerrrrrrrrr....... and some lady. Grudge match of the new millenia? Perhaps. Watch video below as Alex Jones makes the challenge.

Alex Jones recently challenged these three to a boxing match, with cool stipulations like it could be bare knuckles and Buzz Bissinger could wear a dress (if he wanted too). Apparantly Morgan, Bissinger, and the lady joked about shooting Jones,(with a gun) on Morgan's failed CNN tv show "The Piers Morgan Show". Needless to say Alex was not pleased. If this event were to take place it would undoubtedly be awesome, cringe heavy, and insane.We can only hope that in a society where it's no longer hip to be square this match is a go.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can Animal Simulator Games help the BAN BOSSY movement?

As many of you may already know there has been an explosion of new and exciting simulation games like Street Sweeper simulator, Surgery simulator, Train simulator, Tractor simulator, and many more. I don't doubt that these are entertaining but something about them felt a little bland. They seemed to only cater to human interaction with machines and lets be honest humans aren't the only earth creatures that live lives worth simulating. So check out some special animal simulators that have been released over the past year.

Goat simulator: The most recent of the animal simulation games allows you to frolic around a beautifully crafted virtual world where you can explore, get into mischief, and do other goat things. The video shows the game trailer. If you want to see live game play scroll to the bottom of this post for a bonus video by YouTube sensation Will Keith.

Bear Simulator: I have yet to play this one but it looks fucking amazing. You are a giant fucking bear eating fish, pounding on smaller animals like a straight up bully. Keep in mind if they #banbossy games like this will probably not get made so choose your fleeting causes wisely.

Bonus Videos
Will Keith plays Goat Simulator for 20 mins

Envirobear 2000
Described as the "best bear driving simulator ever made"


Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Strong, I'm Big, I'm Hot, FUUU.....

Lets get serious you're a man and you can take anyone in a fight. You are the toughest dude at the bar at all times. That guy that's way bigger than you with the way hotter and skinnier girlfriend and the way cooler, better drawn tattoos? Hes a pussy! You are soo tough that you eat lightning and crap thunder. You know tons of other lines from Rocky too. You even beat meat like him...sort of
So when you see a 150 pound kinda wirey guy walk by pshhhhhh you could handle this weakling. Just push him out of the way! Right?


In this great video you can watch a 150 pound jiu jitsu expert make easy work out of a 250 pound ripped bodybuilder using logic and leverage.


Cooking is the Missing Link!

Have you ever wondered why you are sooo smart? Why humans consistently out smart other animals onto our dinner plates? Well its not entirely due to our physical prowess that's for sure. For example 500 pound gorrillas and massive orcas don't keep us in cages. We use our minds to outsmart them, torture them, and eat them as you can see in the new documentary Blackfish or Food Inc.

Remarkably this can all be traced back through evolution to the moment human primates began cooking food. Dont believe me? Thats fine because Suzana Herculano can explain this concept in very simple terms that even social media/pop culture obsessed bully victims can understand. So here goes.